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Dalian COSCO KHI Ship Engineering Co., Ltd. (DACKS), jointly invested by China COSCO Shipping corporation limited (COSCO Shipping) and Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. (KHI), established on 18 July 2007.

The shipyard located at Dalian Lushun, covering a land area of 1.88 million square meters with a building area of 440,000 square meters, a water area of 1.66 million square meters, and a coast line of 1955 meters long; DACKS has around 2500 staff, including 300 professional technical management personnels. The shipyard has been designed with the following production facilities: two large docks, one of which is 700 meters long and is the longest dock in China, three large outfitting quays (including one to be built), one material quay, one Asia’s largest sub-assembly workshop covering a land area of 124,000 square meters, two assembly workshops, one pipe workshop, and three painting workshops (including one to be built). After the entire project completed, DACKS will finally achieve a layout of two docks and four berths.

DACKS production output annual about 3 million DWT, the annual processing of steel material will surpass 400,000 tons. Mainly construction as,

  • Post Panamax Containership
  • Large Size Bulk Carriers
  • Crude Oil Tanker
  • Pure Car Carrier
  • LNG Carrier




No. 20 Haiyun Road, Lushun Dev, Dalian
Tel: +86 411-3936 8115

Ultramax Bulk Carrier
Kamsarmax Bulk Carrier
Capesize Bulk Carrier
Newcastle Bulk Carrier
Post Panamax Container Ship (15,000 teu above)
Pure Car Carroer & Ro-Ro

Order Book  (Please note: the order book is for reference only, the updated report please contact the yard!)
Vessel TypeOwner CompanyDeliveryContract Date
Bulk, 210,000 DWTOriental Fleet Intl2021-022019-4-26
Bulk, 210,000 DWTOriental Fleet Intl2021-032019-4-26
Bulk, 82,000 DWT浦银金融租赁有限公司 (SPDB Leasing)2022-082020-12-15
Bulk, 82,000 DWT浦银金融租赁有限公司 (SPDB Leasing)2022-112020-12-15
Bulk, 82,000 DWT浦银金融租赁有限公司 (SPDB Leasing)2023-022020-12-15
Bulk, 82,000 DWT浦银金融租赁有限公司 (SPDB Leasing)2023-052020-12-15
Bulk, 64,000 DWT江苏远洋运输有限公司 (Jiangsu Ocean Shipping Co. Ltd.)2022-082020-12-8
Bulk, 64,000 DWT江苏远洋运输有限公司 (Jiangsu Ocean Shipping Co. Ltd.)2022-112020-12-8
Bulk, 61,000 DWTValhal Shipping2022-032020-10-22
Bulk, 61,000 DWTValhal Shipping2022-012020-10-22
Bulk, 61,000 DWTAkmar Shipping and Trading S.A.2022-042020-10-15
Bulk, 61,000 DWT浦银金融租赁有限公司 (SPDB Leasing)2022-022020-9-1
Bulk, 61,000 DWT浦银金融租赁有限公司 (SPDB Leasing)2021-112020-9-1
Bulk, 61,400 DWTEnesel S.A.2022-052020-8-1
Bulk, 61,400 DWTEnesel S.A.2022-052020-8-1
Bulk, 61,400 DWTSantoku Shipping Co., Ltd.2022-012020-7-1
Bulk, 61,400 DWTSantoku Shipping Co., Ltd.2022-022020-7-1
Bulk, 61,000 DWTDowa Line Co Ltd2022-042020-6-1
Bulk, 61,000 DWTDowa Line Co Ltd2022-042020-6-1
Bulk, 61,400 DWTFar East Shipping & Trading Co., Ltd.2021-072020-1-1
Bulk, 61,000 DWT招银金融租赁有限公司 (CMB Leasing)2021-102019-12-1
Bulk, 61,000 DWT招银金融租赁有限公司 (CMB Leasing)2021-122019-12-1
Bulk, 61,000 DWT招银金融租赁有限公司 (CMB Leasing)2021-072019-12-1
Bulk, 61,000 DWT招银金融租赁有限公司 (CMB Leasing)2021-092019-12-1
Bulk, 61,000 DWTDowa Line Co Ltd2021-092020-3-1
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