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Drill Ship - Tiger -- Designed by Marine Design & Research Institute of China

This drill ship is a full turnkey vessel by carrying out engineering, procurement and construction of each complete vessel. These projects are the first EPC drill ship contracts to be undertaken in China with full intellectual property right in China. These contracts represent the successful phase of a conceptual and detail design carried out joinly by Shanghai Shipyard, MARIC and owner (Opus Offshore). The TIGER drill ships be classed by ABS for worldwide operation. They shall have a displacement of around 43,000 tons with a deck payload capacity 10,000 tons and total variable load capability of approximately 16,000 tons.

They shall be outfitted with the latest diesel-electric power systems, spacious accommodation for 150 peoples and modern safe handling equipment for deck, derrick and moon pool. The drilling systems are rated for 750 short tons with 7,500 psi high pressure mud system. Offline stand building facilities are incorporated.

A complete subsea well control package from Cameron shall be emplyed. The ships shall, initially, be equipped for operation in water depths up to 3,000 feet but the design and construction allows easy upgrade to allow operations in water depths up to 5,000 feet.

These drill ship"s design concept describe as follows:

(1) Compact Arrangement
(2) Mooring positioning system
(3) Combination with domestic drilling system and international advantage subsea equipment
(4) Excellent economic benefit and energy saving effect.


- Length Overall (LOA):          170.3m (559ft)
- Length between perpendiculars: 151.2m (496ft)
- Breadth moulded:                32.0m (105ft)
- Depth to main deck:             15.6m  (51ft)
- Design / scantling draught:     10.5m  (34ft)
- Max Displacement:              45,200 tonnes
- Moon Pool dimensions:   19.6m x 11.8m (64’x39’)
- Drill Floor Height above base line: 30.5m (100ft)

- Drill water depth:         3,000 ft (up to 5,000ft)
- Max drilling depth:       30,000 ft (from mud line)
- Type of positioning system: 8 point mooring system
- Generator sets:           5 x 2580 kw
- Speed:                    9.1 knots
- Complement:               150 p
- Class:                    ABS

- Bulk Mud (Barite + Bentonite):  8 x 42m
³ (11,800 ft³)
- Bulk Cement:                    8 x 42m
³ (11,800 ft³)
- Potable Water:                   1,270m
³ (7,988 bbls)
- Drill Water:                     3,900m
³ (24,500 bbl)
- Sack Material:                          10,000 sacks
- Open Pipe Deck area:                600m² (6,500 ft²)
- Base Oil:                          470m
³ (2,960 bbls)
- Brine:                           1,050m
³ (6,600 bbls)
- Diesel Fuel (MDO):              2,550m
³ (16,039 bbls)
- Total Surface Volume Mud (active): 658m
³ (4,145 bbls)
- Variable Load:                        ~18,000 tonnes
- Liquid Mud (reserve):            1,260m
³ (7,900 bbls)

- Main Engine Power:    5 x 2700kW (3600HP) HYUNDAI Diesel Engines driving 2,600kW alternators.
- Power Distribution:   6.6kV / 690v / 480v / 220v / 110v; 60 Hz
- Propulsion / Service Speed: 2 x Electric Driven Steer Prop Azimuth Thrusters / Transit Speed 9.5 knots
- Mooring System: 8 point mooring system – each leg comprising -12t Stevpris Mk6 anchor, up to 3000m (9,840’) of 3½” wireand up to 450m (1,475’) of 3” chain. Suitable for wire/chain combination and pre-lay systems.
- Mooring Winches:      4 x double drum winches – Rated Pull 180t,Brake Capacity 600t

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