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93,000 m³ VLGC, LPG-Fuelled -- Developed by Jiangnan Shipyard

  • The Vessel to be constructed for the transportation of liquefied gases such as propane, butane, mixture of propane and butane. 
  • The Vessel to have a upper deck with aft sunken deck, VS-Bow (Patented), transom stern with open water type stern frame, semi-balanced rudder and a fixed pitch propeller directly driven by a slow speed LPG dual fuel diesel engine.
  • The low speed diesel engine shall be capable of burning LSDO/HFO and LPG (propane, butane and their mixture).
  • The propulsion machinery and living quarters including navigation bridge to be located in after.
  • The Vessel to be built to have four (4) independent self-supporting prismatic cargo tanks which to be designed for a maximum pressure of 0.25 bar g, a minimum temperature of -50ºC and a maximum cargo specific gravity of 0.60. 
  • Double bottom tanks with hopper and top side tanks to be arranged for water ballast. Pipe duct to be arranged in the center part of double bottom in way of cargo area.


Length (o.a.) 230.00 m
Breadth, mld 36.60 m
Depth, mld 22.50 m
Design Draft (Td)  11.60 m 
Scan Drafttl. (Ts) 12.20 m


Cargo Tank 93,000 m³
Ballast Water 23,000 m³
Heavy fuel oil 2,000 m³
Diesel oil 300 m³
Fresh water 300 m³


Main Engine: 6G60ME-C-10.5 (LGIP) 
Fuel Gas Consumption: 36.8 t/d
Service Speed: 16.8 kn
Cruising Range: 22,000 nm


Diesel Generators 1,250 kW x 2 set + 950kW x 1 set
Emergency Generator 250 kW x 1 set
Shaft Generator (Option)  2,000 kW x 1 set


LNG Bunker Vessel
40,000 m³ LPG Carrier (LPG Fuelled)
30,000 m³ LNG Carrier (LNG Fuelled)
Handysize Gas Carrier
Large LNG Carrier
 Seaway 7 takes semi-sub delivery from Beihai Shipyard (2022-07-30)
 MOL orders four LNG carriers for Qatar Energy at Hudong-Zhonghua (2022-04-13)
 H-Line in for 2 7000 ceu car carriers at Guangzhou Shipyard Intl. (2022-04-10)
 PIL awards contract at Jiangnan Shipyard to build 14,000 TEU LNG container vessels (2022-03-05)
 CIMC SOE won an order for 2+1 7,600cbm LNG Bunkering Vessels from Seaspan (2022-02-19)
 CULINES order 2 units 2700 TEU feeder from CSSC Huangpu Wenchong (2022-02-15)
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