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  Jiangnan Shipyard (Group) Co., Ltd. is the birthplace of China's national industry and the source of China's industrial workers. Jiangnan Shipyard created hundreds of "the first in China". It has made contributions to the prosperity of Chinese nation.

"Made in Jiangnan" is a famous industrial brand and the symbol of China. Over thirty years of reform and opening-up, Jiangnan Shipyard has done business all over the world for entry of international market, the ship's building of defence-related science and technology and supply of Navy's up-to-date equipment. Great achievement have been made. Projects of Jiangnan Shipyard are spread all over China. Some of them are the symbol of cities and even national political project. It's China No.1 factory which is famous throughout the World.

Core Facilitis-Dry Docks

  No.3 Dry Dock No.4 Dry Dock 0# Platform
Dimension 580mx 120m x 12.6m 365m x 82m x 14.1m 240m x 40m
Lifting Capacity (800Tx 201m) x 2 (800T x 158m) x 1 450T x 143.5m


  • 76000DWT Panamax Bulk Carrier
  • 115000DWT Mini-Caps Bulk Carrier
  • 180000DWT Capsize Bulk Carrier
  • 6500CMB Semi-refrigrated Ethylene/LPG Gas Carrier
  • 4600/4700TEU Container Vessel
  • 9000TEU Container Vessel
  • Very Large Container Vessel

Bulk Carrier
76,000DWT Panamax Bulk Carrier
78,000DWT Panamax Bulk Carrier
Kasarmax Bulk Carrier
Newcastle Bulk Carrier
120,000DWT Mini-Cape Bulk Carrier
Container Vessel
9,400TEU Container Vessel
1,100TEU Container Feeder
LNG/LPG Carrier
21,000M³ LEGC / 22,000M³ LPGC
84,000M³ VLGC
37,500M³ LEGC
30,000M³ LNG Carrier
6,500M³ LNG Bunker Vessel
Others Vessel
Multl - Purpose Vessel

China Shipbuilding, 2014