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Guangzhou Wenchong Dockyard Co. ltd was established on 1st Jan 2006, a subsidiary of Guangzhou Shipyard Intl. (GSI). The yard is engaged in foreign ship repairing and conversion which is the top 10 repairing shipyards in China.

  • Ship Repairing
  • Ship Conversion 

Wenchong Dockyard has 1,600 employees and among them there are 1,000 engíneers. The yard has 2 x 300,000 DWT dry-docks. The quay side is more than 2,000 meters with 9.5 meters depth. It has fabrication workshop,stainless steel piping workshop and module fabrication ground that can repair more than 200 kind"s vessels and convert 3 projects annually.

Wenchong Dockyard complies with international shipping rules and regulation standard. Using the modern technology for shíp repaíríng and offshore engíneeríng to provide the híghest quality and ensure the safety ís their top príority. The yard is certifíed wíth IS0900 1 :2000 quality assurance and has been awarded OHSASI 18001 occupationalhealth and safety award.

Dry Docks: 

  • #No.1: 360 x 65 x 13.3m, capacity 300,000 dwt
  • #No.2: 431 x 74 x 13.3m, capacity 400,000 dwt


  • #No.1 - No.4: 1,500 x 95m, capacity 300.000 dwt
  • #No.5: 114 x 95m, capacity 10,000 dwt
  • #No.6: 162 x 95m, capacity 25,000 dwt

Guangzhou Shipyard International Co., Ltd. (GSI)
Longxue Avenue, Longxue Island, Nansha District, Guangzhou
Tel: +86-20 36663111
Fax: +86-20 36663000

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