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250,000 DWT Very Large Ore-Carrier

A new designed “green ship” with low fuel consumption. Daily fuel consumption is about 58.5t/day. The deadweight to be about 262,000 metric tons at scantling draft. Ballast water treatment plants to be provided. Attained EEDI meet the phase 2 requirement.
- Length (o.a.):   abt.  327.00 m
- Length (b.p.):         321.50 m
- Bread moulded:          57.00 m
- Depth moulded:          25.50 m
- Design Draft:           18.10 m
- Scantling Draft:        18.80 m
- Deadweight (Td): abt. 250,000 t
- Deadweight (Ts): abt. 262,000 t

SERVICE SPEED: 14.5knots (Vs, 15% sm at design draft)

ENDURANCE: abt. 25,000 n.miles

- LR or IACS members
- Notation: LR+100A1 Ore Carrier, ESP, ShipRight (SDA, FDA, CM, ACS(B)), Strengthened for regular discharge by heavy grabs, *IWS, LI, ECO (EEDI, BWT, IHM, P) +LMC, UMS

- Model:         MAN 6G80ME-C9.5 TII (Part load tuning ECT)
- MCR:           25,080kW x 78r/min
- CSR(85%CMCR):  19,550kW x 73.9r/min
- Main Diesel Generator: 3 x abt. 900kW

Orderbook   (* the orderbook for reference only, details please contact with the shipyard !)
No.Ship's Name / Hull No.Vessel TypeOwner CompanyShipyardDeliveryContract Date
1COSCO Yangzhou N1153Ore Carrier, 324,700 tonsCOSCO Shipping Bulk (中远海运散运)COSCO HI, Yangzhou2026 - 112024 - 01
2COSCO Yangzhou N1154Ore Carrier, 324,700 tonsCOSCO Shipping Bulk (中远海运散运)COSCO HI, Yangzhou2027 - 012024 - 01
3Beihai OC325K-15Ore Carrier, 325,000 tonsWinning International GroupBeihai Shipbuilding HI2026 - 092023 - 09
4Beihai OC325K-16Ore Carrier, 325,000 tonsWinning International GroupBeihai Shipbuilding HI2027 - 062023 - 09

  Re: 250,000 DWT VLOC
  Re: 250,000 DWT VLOC

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