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18,000 TEU Container Vessel -- Designed by Marine Design & Research Institute of China (MARIC)

The vessel to be designed and constructed as an environmentally friendly, all welded steel, single screw, diesel engine driven fully cellular container ship with a transom stern, a raked stem with protruded bulbous bow, a full spade rudder and one continuous deck.All accommodation including navigation bridge shall be located at foreship and engine room shall be located at semi-aft. (twin island).
- Length (o.a.):     abt.  399.20 m
- Length (b.p.):           381.40 m
- Breadth, moulded:         54.00 m
- Depth, moulded:           30.20 m
- Designed draft:           14.50 m
- Scantling draft:          16.00 m
- Deadweight @ Ts:   abt. 184,000 mt
- Air draft:                70.00 m

SERVICE SPEED:       abt. 22.0 kn (scantling draft, at NCR with 15% sea margin)

ENDURANCE:           abt. 27,000 n.miles

COMPLEMENT:          40 Persons+7 Suez

or equivalent ABS, DNV, LR, GL

- Heavy fuel oil tanks:       abt. 15,000

- Marine diesel oil tanks:    abt.    500 m³
- Fresh water tanks:          abt.    800 m³
- Cylinder oil storage:       abt.    250 m³

With max. number of containers (IMO visibility guidance)
- On deck:     abt. 10,378 TEU
- In hold:     abt.  7,481 TEU
- Total:       abt. 17,859 TEU

* Rows max. in holds / on hatches:   19 / 21 Rows
* Tiers max. in holds / on hatches:  11 / 11 Tiers
* (El. Plugs (for reefer container): 1,400 FEU
Homogenous 14t / TEU at scantling draft: abt. 11,800 TEU (based on 9 ft 6 inches, 45% container V.C.G)
- Model:                1 x MAN B&W 11S90ME-C9.2
- MCR:                  63,910 kW x 84 rpm
- Fuel oil consumption: abt. 50.90 mt / day

- Main diesel generators:   4 x 4,300 kW
- Emergency generator:      1 x 300 kW

16,000 TEU Container Vessel -- Designed by Marine Design & Research Institute of China (MARIC)


- Length (o.a.) 399.00m
- Length (b.p.) 382.00m
- Breadth moulded : 54.00m
- Depth moulded : 30.20m
- Design draft moulded : 14.50m
- Scantling draft moulded : 16.00m
- Air draft above baseline : Appx. 69.00m

Deadweight in sea water At scantling draft, moulded : Appx. 182,000 MT

Service speed at moulded design draft and at 90% MCR power of main engine and 15% sea margin at calm sea. : Appx. 23.3 knots

- Water ballast tanks (Including anti-heeling tank) : Appx. 48,000 m³
- Heavy fuel oil tanks (Incl. settling and service tanks) : Appx. 13,500 m³
- Diesel oil tanks (Incl. settling and service tanks) : Appx. 500 m³
- Lub oil tanks : Appx. 500 m³
- Fresh water tanks : Appx. 400 m³

MAIN ENGINE (MAN B&W 12S90ME-C9.2, EGB part load)
- MCR : 69,720 kW x 84 r/min
- CSR (90% MCR) : 62,748 kW x 81.1 r/min

The containers to be carried principally are ISO type 8’ wide, 8’ 6”/9’6’ high and 20/40/45 feet length.

Nineteen (19) rows, eleven (11) tiers of 8’ 6” high container should be stowed in way of midship hold section, by the way, twenty-one (21) rows, nine (9) tiers of 8’6” high container on hatch covers.

Number of loadable containers
Max. container capacity (Considering IMO visibility at even keel condition)
For all 8 feet 6 inches high container
On deck/hatch Appx. 8,668 TEU
In hold Appx. 7,310 TEU
Total Appx. 15,978 TEU

Total number of reefer container: abt. 1,400 FEU plugs on hatch

The number of 14t/TEU homogeneous loading container at scantling draft shall be about 11,880TEU based on the 8’6” high cubic container with VCG as 45% of height.

The number of 12t/TEU homogeneous loading container at scantling draft shall be about 13,300TEU based on the 8’6” high cubic container with VCG as 45% of height.


21,000 TEU Container Vessel -- Designed by Hudong-Zhonghua Shipbuilding (Group) Co., Ltd.

21,000 TEU Container Vessel is a new container vessel developed by Hudong-Zhonghua Shipbuilding (Group) Co., Ltd. The vessel has 11 cargo holds where 22 rows with 12 tiers of containers can be arranged, 24 rows with 11 tiers of containers can be arranged on deck. Total container capacity is 21002teu. This vessel is designed with long stroke main engine. After dimension optimization, the vessel is developed with dimensions of Loa 399.9m, molded breadth 58.6m, it is expected to be the biggest type vessels deployed for Asia-Europe role. This vessel is designed in compliance with MLC2006, Hongkong Convertion. CSS Code, EEDI top restriction and other latest regulation. Meanwhile, it is furnished with ballast water treatment system and environment-friendly features. Successful development of this vessel will gratly improve the domestication process of Ultra-large container ship design in China, and built up strong technical base to win batch orders in the future.

- Length (o.a.)               399.90 m
- Breadth moulded :            58.60 m
- Depth moulded :              33.00 m
- Design draft moulded :       14.50 m
- Scantling draft moulded :    16.50 m
- Container Capacity:       21,002 TEU
- Service Speed:               22.0 kn

Propeller: Fix pitch x 1

Complement: 30P

- Model:                       Wartsila W11 X 92 or MAN B&W 11S90ME-C
- SMCR:                        56,700 kW

Container Feeder (less 2,000 teu)
Container Feeder (2,000 teu and above)
Inter Mediate Container Ship
Neo-Panamax Container Ship (8,000 to 15,000 TEU)
 Seaway 7 takes semi-sub delivery from Beihai Shipyard (2022-07-30)
 MOL orders four LNG carriers for Qatar Energy at Hudong-Zhonghua (2022-04-13)
 H-Line in for 2 7000 ceu car carriers at Guangzhou Shipyard Intl. (2022-04-10)
 PIL awards contract at Jiangnan Shipyard to build 14,000 TEU LNG container vessels (2022-03-05)
 CIMC SOE won an order for 2+1 7,600cbm LNG Bunkering Vessels from Seaspan (2022-02-19)
 CULINES order 2 units 2700 TEU feeder from CSSC Huangpu Wenchong (2022-02-15)
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