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 Gas Carrier |  30,000 m³ LNG Carrier (LNG Fuelled)
Building Shipyard
 Xinle Shipyard
 Jiangnan Shipyard
 Jinling-Dingheng, China Merchants

30,000 m³ Type C LNG Carrier (LNG Fuelled) -- Designed by Jiangnan Shipyard

  • Continuous deck, VS-bow, transom stern with open water type stern frame, semi-balanced rudder and a fixed pitch propeller directly driven by a dual fuel low speed engine.
  • Three(3) bi-lobe independent cargo tanks of IMO type C which to be designed with a maximum pressure of 3.72 bar g, a minimum temperature of -163ºC and a maximum cargo specific gravity of 0.50.
  • Double bottom tanks with hopper and top side tanks to be arranged for water ballast.


Length (o.a.):
180.00 m
Length (b.p.):
176.00 m
28.80 m
19.00 m
Designed draft: moulded 7.30 m
Scantling draft:
7.65 m


Cargo tanks incl. domes 30,000 m3
Water ballast tanks 11,500 m3
LSDO tanks 600 m3
Fresh water tanks 200 m3


Main Engine:
WinGD 5X52DF
Service Speed:
15.0 knots
Ruising Range:
7,000 n.m
Fuel Consumption:
16.1 ton (fuel gas model)

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