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GSI delivered a MR Tanker to IMC Group

On August 21, CSSC Guangzhou Shipyard Intl. (GSI) delivered the first MR Tanker "MARITIME COMITY", one of eight MR Chemical/Product tankers built for Singapore ship owner IMC. After delivery, the ship will serve the shipping trade of "One Belt And One Road" countries along the route.

The ship is designed with a total length of 183 meters, a width of 35 meters, a depth of 18.5 meters, and a design draft of 10.5 meters. It meets the international Convention againstPollution caused by Ships (MARPOL) Tier-III emission standards, and meets the emission requirements of nitrogen oxide emission control zone.

This type of ship can carry 22 kinds of chemical liquid cargo at the same time and the cargo will not pollute each other, which can meet the owner"s personalized loading and unloading requirements to the greatest extent and greatly improve the owner"s choice and flexibility in the operation process

32 years ago, the first cooperation, the achievement of the "GSI Tanker" brand

The first production ship built for IMC was 25,500 tons of product oil tanker "Haihao"

On May 15, 1988, Guangzhou Shipyard, the predecessor of Guangzhou Shipyard International, signed two orders of 25,500 tons of product oil tanker with IMC Shipping, which was the first product oil tanker built by Guangzhou Shipyard International.

The construction of the two ships to a certain extent promoted the GSI liquid cargo tanker building. It made GSI become a market leader of "Liquid Handy-Size Vessel". 

After the construction and delivery of two 255,500-ton refined oil tankers, Guangzhou Shipping International has been engaged in the research and development and manufacturing of the flexible liquid cargo ship since then.It has built hundreds of flexible liquid cargo ships for various famous shipping companies in the world, and has formed a pedigree of liquid cargo ships with the most ship types and the most cost-effective series.

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