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50,000 DWT Chemical/Product Oil Tanker -- Designed by Guangzhou Shipyard International Co., Ltd. (GSI) 

The vessel is to be designed for service worldwide trading (incl. Suez and Panama Canal), transporting all types of oil products listed in MARPOL 73/78 Annex I appendix except asphalt solutions, and transporting chemicals IMO II/III (non-toxic listed in Chapter 17 of IBC code), according to Class notation and technical construction, compatible with cargo tank coating. The vessel is to be a single screw diesel engine driven with a semi-balanced type rudder. The vessel have one (1) complete upper deck with forecastle, transom stern, double hull in way of cargo tank area, double bottom to be arranged in engine room. The deck transverse beams and deck longitudinal to be arranged on upper deck in cargo tank area.


Length (o.a.): 183.0 m
Breadth mld.: 32.00 m
Depth mld.:  18.2 m
Design Draft: 11.0 m
Scantling Draft: 13.4 m
Deadweight: 50,000 ton


- 1A1 Tanker for Oil Products ESP and Tanker for Chemicals ESP, CSR, E0, VCS-2, TMON, SPM, BWM-T, BIS, PSPC (B) 

- Register information: Ship type 2, a2, b3, c2, f2, str0.075


Liquid cargo tanks: 54,000 m³
Residual tank: 250 m³
Fuel oil tanks: 1150 m³
Diesel oil tanks: 300 m³
MGO tanks: 300 m³
Ballast water tanks 18,000 m3


Main Engine: Win G&D 6X52 Tier-III
Fuel Comsumption: 21.2 t/day
Service Speed: 14.5 kn
Endurance (@14.5 kn):  14,000 n.miles


50,000 DWT Chemical/Product Oil Tanker -- Designed by Chengxi Shipyard

  • The vessel is to be designed and equipped as ocean going for a worldwide trading.
  • The vessel to be of fully welded, the deck transverse beams, girders and deck longitudinal to be arranged on upper deck in the cargo area, and to have a forecastle with bulbous stem, a vertical transom stern, a semi-balanced hanging rudder and a large-diameter, slow rotating, high efficiency fixed pitch propeller.
  • The propulsion machinery space and all living quarters including Navigation Bridge (six tiers) to be located aft.
  • Double skin and double bottom to be provided in cargo area to comply with the relative Regulation, where will be used as water ballast tanks.
  • The cargo area is divided by oil-tight vertical corrugated longitudinal and transverse bulkheads into twelve (12) cargo oil tanks, two (2) slop tanks. One (1) residual tank to be located on the upper stool..
  • The cargo oil tanks are to be segregated into six (6) pairs with six (6) independent cargo piping systems.
  • The engine room to be separated from cargo spaces by means of fuel oil tank. 


Length o.a.:  182.70 m
Length b.p.: 175.00 m
Breadth: 32.20 m
Depth: 19.10 m
Designed draft: 11.00 m
Scantling draft: 13.20 m 
Deadweight at Ts, 50,000 mt


- ABS Or equivalent


Cargo Tanks 53,500 m3
Slop Tanks 2,000 m3
Heavy Fuel Oil 1,300 m3
Marine Gas Oil 260 m3
Fresh Water 400 m3
Ballast Water 20,000 m3


Main Engine: WINGD 6X52B Tier-III (HP-SCR)
Service Speed: 14.5 kn
Fuel Consumption (14.5 kn): 20.75 t/d

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