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17,000DWT Product Oil / Chemical Tanker (LNG Fuelled), Designed by SDARI

The vessel suitable for carrying Product oil (included in appendix I to MARPO 73/78 Annex I, except asphalt, bitumen) and chemicals (suitable to be carried in ship type 2 and 3) liquid cargo in bulk. The vessel should be built as IMO ship type 2. The designed cargo specific gravity is 1.025t/m3 . And the cargo tanks can also be suitable for partially carrying cargo of high density up to 1.54t/m3  according to the hull structure. The vessel can be loaded with cargoes with the temperature down to -10oC and up to 80oC. The flash points of liquid cargoes are to be less than 60oC. The cargo tanks and slop tanks to be made of stainless steel Duplex 2205. 

Length (o.a.) 149.60 m
Length (b.p.) 141.20 m
Breadth, molded 23.00 m
Depth, molded 12.70 m
Designed draft, molded 8.70 m
Scantling draft, molded 9.40 m
Deadweight 17,000 mt


Cargo tanks (include. Slop tanks) abt. 20,600 m3
Slop tanks (P&S) 500 m3
Low sulphur Diesel Oil (MGO) tanks 200 m3
Lub Oil  80 m3
Fresh water tanks 200 m3
Technical fresh water tanks 400 m3
Water ballast tanks 7,000 m3


Main Engine: WinGD 5RT-flex50DF
Service Speed: 14.0 kn
Fuel (LNG) Consumption: 12.96t/d
Cruising Range  7,000 nm

19,900DWT IMO-II Chenical Tanker -- Designed by ODELY Marine Engineering

The vessel is a single screw motor driven product oil/chemical tanker with machinery and accommodation located aft, having forecastle and five tiers of deck house. Six (6) pairs of double side skin cargo tanks including one (1) pair of slop tanks with Marineline coating are arranged, with fourteen (14) grades of cargo segregations. All cargo piping is of SUS 316L. The ship is capable of carrying product oil with flash point <60oC, vegetable oil and IMO chemicals which can be lawfully carried according to Class Notation, technical construction and not harmful to cargo system. Design specific gravity for cargo tanks is 1.025t/m3, allowing partially load with specific gravity up to 1.54 t/m3. Tier III with SCRs for M/E & A/E. Low Sulphur fuel for SOx ontrol. No scrubber is installed. Great Lakes fitted with stern anchor.  


Length (o.a.): abt. 158.00 M
Length (p.p.): 149.86 M
Breadth: 23.70 M
Depth: 13.00 m 
Scatling Draft: 9.5 m
Deadweight: 19,900 t 


Cargo Hold 100% Include slop tanks 23,000 m3
Discharge Rate, max. Liquid Tank 2,100  m3/h


Main Engine: WinGD 6X40-B x 1 +SCR + FPP
Service Speed: 14.0 kn
Endurance 8,500 n.mile 
FOC,M/E abt. 13.9  t/d +5%toler.


Cargo Pump 12 x 350m3/h 110mlc Elec max. rate 2100m3/h. Deep well
Boiler, steam  2 x 6,000kg/h x 7bar
Tank Cleaning Sea/Fresh water 
Bow Thruster 1 set x 750 kW
Balla. Pump+treatment  2 x 450m3/h El deepwell pump Hose Handling Crane 1 set x 10t x 18.5 m 


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