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CIMC SOE won an order for 2+1 7,600cbm LNG Bunkering Vessels from Seaspan

On February 19, Nantong CIMC Sinopacific Offshore & Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “CIMC Sinopacific Offshore & Engineering”) and Canada’s Seaspan ULC (hereinafter referred to as “Seaspan”) signed an order for 2+1 7,600-cubic-meter LNG bunkering vessels. Mr. Ian McIver, Chairman of Seaspan ULC, Mr. Gao Wenbao, Deputy General Manager of CIMC Enric and General Manager of CIMC SOE, and other representatives of both parties witnessed and signed the contract through the “cloud signing”.

The vessel’s design will be provided by Vard Marine Inc. The design will integrate the latest ship technology, further reduce operational pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, and feature safety, low evaporation rates, and environmental protection. The design has excellent indicators and excellent maneuverability, which can be applied to LNG loading and unloading in different ports and LNG bunkering services of different ship types.

Headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, Seaspan is part of The Washington Companies, with operations covering coastal shipping, ship docking, escort, repair and construction, commercial ferries, bunkering services, and more. After more than a century of successful operations, Seaspan has become a major partner in the maritime sector in the Pacific Northwest. The purpose of Seaspan‘s investment is to provide LNG transportation and bunkering services for the west coast of North America. After the first ship is completed, it will become the first LNG bunkering ship on the west coast of North America.

CIMC SOE is a leading company in the small and medium-sized liquefied gas carrier market segment, focusing on the field of liquefied gas carriers for 16 years. It has independent design, construction, and project management capabilities for marine tanks, fuel tanks, and whole ships. Nearly 40 liquefied gas carriers of various types, including the world’s largest 20,000cbm LNG carrier bunkering ship and the world’s first 5,000cbm dual-fuel full-pressure LPG ship, are among the best in the global market share and can provide customers with energy-saving, environmentally-friendly, Technologically innovative professional liquefied gas transportation solutions, products cover LPG, ethane, ethylene, LNG and other liquefied gas carriers, including large ethane carriers and LNG bunkering ships and other popular ship types in the market in recent years.

The signing of this new ship order, coupled with the successful acquisition of the former Fengshun Shipbuilding Industry in mid-2021, has obtained core shipbuilding resources such as slipway and dock. From the fourth quarter of 2021 so far, CIMC SOE has signed 6 new ship orders, and currently, there are 11 orders in hand. The signing of this new ship order further consolidates the leading position of CIMC SOE in the global small and medium gas carrier market. CIMC SOE will also continue to use its comprehensive design, manufacturing, and project management in the field of small and medium-sized liquefied gas ships, liquid tanks, liquid cargo systems, gas supply systems, and fuel tanks in the field of dual-fuel ships. Advantages, to provide customers with more customized and diversified gas carrier solutions.

Since the implementation of the “Sulfur Restriction Order” by the International Maritime Organization in early 2020, the shipping industry has officially entered the era of low sulfur and low carbon. The prospect of LNG as a clean and efficient marine fuel is becoming more and more favorable, which has also greatly stimulated the LNG bunkering infrastructure market. At present, major shipping ports around the world are deploying LNG bunkering facilities, and orders for LNG bunkering vessels are also rising. A research report by Energias Market Research predicts that the global LNG bunkering market will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 62.5%, reaching an output value of $24.68 billion by 2023.

Mr. Gao Wenbao, Deputy General Manager of CIMC Enric and General Manager of CIMC CIMC SOE, said: “LNG bunkering ships are a key component of the global LNG bunkering infrastructure. As the market demand for LNG-powered ships will increase significantly, The market of LNG bunkering ships has good prospects for development. As a leader in small and medium-sized liquefied gas ships, CIMC SOE will actively seize these opportunities and use its own advantages to provide customers with professional liquefied gas transportation solutions that are energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and technologically innovative, to help improve the infrastructure of the LNG bunkering market.”

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