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  Beihai Shipbuilding HI

Qingdao Beihai Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. (BSIC) located at Qingdao, Shandong Province. Holding by Wuchang Shipbuilding Group, CSSC. The shipyard has more than 330 hectares of land, 9 km of coastline, nearly 6 km of wharf length, two shipbuilding dry docks (i) 500,000 dwt and (ii) 300,000 dwt capacity, two ship-repairing dry docks (i) 300,000 dwt and (ii) 150,000 dwt capacity, one floating dock for ship-repairing (100,000 dwt), 4 sets of 600 ton gantry crane, one set of 350 ton gantry and one set of 200 ton gantry crane.

  • Ship Newbuilding
  • Ship Repair

Main production in ship newbuilding

  • Crude and Product Oil Tanker
  • VLOC, Capesize and Kamsarmax Bulk Carrier
  • Offshore

No.369 Lijiang East Road. Qingdao Economic & Technical Development Zone
Qingdao, Shandong Province, China
Tel: +86 532 8675 6122
Fax: +86 532 8675 6002

MR Chemical/Product Oil Tanker
Aframax Crude/Product Oil Tanker (LR2)
Kamsarmax Bulk Carrier
Capesize Bulk Carrier
Newcastle Bulk Carrier
250,000 DWT VLOC
Suezmax Crude Oil Tanker

Order Book  (Please note: the order book is for reference only, the updated report please contact the yard!)
Vessel TypeOwner CompanyDeliveryContract Date
Ore, 325,000 DWTKukje Maritime Investment Corp (KMARIN)2022-022019-9-25
Ore, 325,000 DWTKukje Maritime Investment Corp (KMARIN)2022-052019-9-25
Ore, 325,000 DWTKukje Maritime Investment Corp (KMARIN)2021-082019-8-23
Ore, 325,000 DWTKukje Maritime Investment Corp (KMARIN)2021-112019-8-23
Bulk, 210,000 DWTOriental Fleet Intl2021-082019-7-1
Bulk, 210,000 DWT中船重工租赁(CSIC Leasing Tianjin)2022-032019-12-3
Bulk, 210,000 DWT中船重工租赁(CSIC Leasing Tianjin)2022-012019-12-3
Bulk, 210,000 DWT国银金融租赁股份有限公司 (CDB Leasing)2021-122020-4-30
Bulk, 210,000 DWT国银金融租赁股份有限公司 (CDB Leasing)2022-032020-4-30
Bulk, 210,000 DWTU-Ming Marine Transport Co.2022-112021-1-29
Bulk, 210,000 DWTU-Ming Marine Transport Co.2023-022021-1-29
Bulk, 180,000 DWT中船重工租赁(CSIC Leasing Tianjin)2021-032018-8-1
Bulk, 180,000 DWT中船重工租赁(CSIC Leasing Tianjin)2021-052018-8-1
Bulk, 180,000 DWT中船重工租赁(CSIC Leasing Tianjin)2021-022018-8-1
Bulk, 180,000 DWT中船重工租赁(CSIC Leasing Tianjin)2021-042018-8-1
Bulk, 208,000 DWTGolden Ocean Management AS2021-032018-3-23
Bulk, 208,000 DWTBerge Bulk Maritime Pte. Ltd.2021-042018-2-1
Bulk, 210,000 DWTOriental Fleet Intl2021-042019-4-25
Bulk, 210,000 DWTOriental Fleet Intl2021-062019-4-25
Bulk, 210,000 DWT山东海运股份有限公司(Shandong Ocean)2021-082019-1-10
Bulk, 210,000 DWT山东海运股份有限公司(Shandong Ocean)2021-062019-1-10
Tanker, 318,000 DWTKuwait Oil Tanker2021-032018-3-15
Products, 50,000 DWT中船重工租赁(CSIC Leasing Tianjin)2021-082019-6-27
Products, 50,000 DWT中船重工租赁(CSIC Leasing Tianjin)2021-112019-6-27
Records: 24

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