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 Gas Carrier |  40,000 m³ LPG Carrier (LPG Fuelled)
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 Jiangnan Shipyard
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40,000m³ LPG Carrier (LPG Fuelled)

  • The Vessel to be constructed for the transportation of liquefied gases such as propane, butane, mixture of propane and butane. 
  • The Vessel to be built to have three (3) independent self-supporting prismatic cargo tanks (type A) which to be designed for a maximum pressure of 0.25 barg, a minimum temperature of -50ºC and a maximum cargo specific gravity of 0.69. 


Length (o.a.) 180.0 m
Breadth:  30.0 m
Depth: 18.6 m
Scantl Draft (Ts): 10.9 m
Dead Weight (Ts) 29,800 ton


Cargo Tank: 40,000 m3
Deck Tank: 200 m3
Heavy Fuel Oil: 1,400 m3
L.S. Diesel Oil: 300 m3
Fresh Water: 300 m3
Ballast Water:
12,000 m3
Urea Solution Tank (40%): 30 m3


Service Speed: 16.0 Kn
Fuel Consumption: 22.1 t/d


Order Book  (Please note: the order book is for reference only, the updated report please contact the yard!)
Vessel TypeShipyardOwner CompanyContract Date
LPG Carrier, 38,000 cu.m.Hyundai MipoThenamaris Ships Management Inc.2020-2-7
LPG Carrier, 38,000 cu.m.Hyundai MipoByzantine Maritime Corp.2019-12-5
LPG Carrier, 38,000 cu.m.Hyundai MipoThenamaris Ships Management Inc.2019-10-8
LPG Carrier, 38,000 cu.m.Hyundai MipoThenamaris Ships Management Inc.2019-9-3
LPG Carrier, 38,000 cu.m.Hyundai MipoNieto Empresas2019-7-23
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