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  Chengxi Shipyard

Chengxi Shipyard Co., Ltd. was established in 1973, located in Jiangyin city, Jiangsu province. The company has more than 2,300 employees including more than 1,000 various professional technicians. Main fecility of the yard:

  • Bulk Carrier (Up to Kamsarmax)
  • MR Product Tanker
  • Self Unloader
  • Container Feeder
  • Bitumen Carrier


  • 770,000 square meters production area
  • 2,000 meters shore line along Yangtze River
  • 1,630 meters outfitting quay
  • Lifting capacity of 60 tons, 30 tons and 25 tons
  • Floating cranes with lifting capacity of 1,600 tons, 100 tons and 60 tons
  • Five floating docks
  • Two slipway with capacity of 80,000 tons and 70,000 tons
  • Other complete facilities for ship-repairing

The company is mainly engaged in repairing and building of ship and offshore engineering, fabricating large steel construction, with the annual repairing and converting capacity of 200 vessels under 300,000DWT, annual building capacity of 30 vessels of various types under 82,000 DWT and annual manufacturing capacity of 120,000 tons steel structural members. The Sino-foreign joint ship repairing enterprise – Xinrong shipyard co. Ltd, which is held by Chengxi shipyard co. Ltd, has the annual repairing capacity of 120 various vessels up to DWT of 300,000.

CSSC Chengxi Shipyard
No.1 Hengshan Road, Jiangyin, Jiangsu Province

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Container Feeder (less 2,000 teu)
Handysize Bulk Carrier
Ultramax Bulk Carrier
MR Chemical/Product Oil Tanker
Kamsarmax Bulk Carrier
Self-unloading Bulk Carrier

Order Book  (Please note: the order book is for reference only, the updated report please contact the yard!)
Vessel TypeOwner CompanyDeliveryContract Date
Bulk, 85,000 DWT国银金融租赁股份有限公司 (CDB Leasing)2021-102019-12-3
Bulk, 85,000 DWT国银金融租赁股份有限公司 (CDB Leasing)2021-122019-12-3
Bulk, 82,000 DWTGuangdong Shipping2023-062020-12-30
Bulk, 82,000 DWTTongli Shipping2022-2020-11-5
Bulk, 82,000 DWTTongli Shipping2022-2020-11-5
Bulk, 82,000 DWT民生金融租赁股份有限公司(Mingsheng Fancial Leasing)2022-2020-8-1
Bulk, 82,000 DWT民生金融租赁股份有限公司(Mingsheng Fancial Leasing)2022-2020-8-1
Bulk, 82,000 DWT民生金融租赁股份有限公司(Mingsheng Fancial Leasing)2022-2020-8-1
Bulk, 82,000 DWT民生金融租赁股份有限公司(Mingsheng Fancial Leasing)2022-2020-8-1
Bulk, 82,000 DWTWah Kwong Maritime Transport Holding Limited2021-072018-12-1
Bulk, 82,000 DWTWah Kwong Maritime Transport Holding Limited2021-042018-12-1
Bulk, 85,000 DWTForemost Group2021-022018-11-1
Bulk, 40,000 DWTMibau-Stema Shpg.2021-062018-11-1
Bulk, 21,500 DWTOldendorff Carriers Gmbh & Co. KG2021-042018-12-1
Bulk, 25,800 DWTCanada Steam Lines (CSL Group)2021-122020-6-1
Chem & Oil, 50,000 DWT中船租赁 (CSSC Shipping Leasing)2022-2020-6-1
Chem & Oil, 50,000 DWTKumiai Senpaku Co., Ltd.2022-052020-4-22
Container, 1,820 TEUDole Reefership Marine Service Ltd2021-032018-12-1
MPP/Hvy. Lift, 62,000 DWT中波轮船股份公司(Chipolbrok)2021-112020-5-20
MPP/Hvy. Lift, 62,000 DWT中波轮船股份公司(Chipolbrok)2022-072020-5-20
MPP/Hvy. Lift, 62,000 DWT中波轮船股份公司(Chipolbrok)2022-032020-5-20
MPP/Hvy. Lift, 62,000 DWT中波轮船股份公司(Chipolbrok)2022-102020-5-20
Asp. & Bit., 37,000 DWTKumiai Senpaku Co., Ltd.2021-112020-4-22
Records: 23

More Information
 CSSC Chengxi Shipyard deliver the 2nd 70,000 dwt Woodchip to Nova Shipping (2020-09-10)
 China Mingsheng Trust place an order at CSSC Chengxi Shipyard for 4+4 Kamsarmax bulk carriers (2020-09-09)
 910 Reefer Container Ship Launching at CSSC Chengxi Shipyard (2020-08-26)
 Chengxi Shipyard Delivered the Second 55,600 dwt Product Tanker (2020-08-18)
 Chengxi Deliveried a 70,000DWT Woodchip to Singapore Ship Owner Nova (2020-07-18)
 Louis Dreyfus Order 1+1 50,000-dwt MR Tanker (LNG Powered) with Chengxi Shipyard (2020-07-14)
 Chengxi Shipyard delivery two 82,000 dwt bulk (2020-06-22)
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