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18,600 m³ LNG Bunker Vessel (Membrane, Mark-III), Developed by Hudong-Zhonghua Shipyard


Length (o.a.) 135.00 m
Breadth: 24.50 m
Depth to Main Deck: 16.00 m
Draught (Design, Mld):  6.50 m
Draught(Scantling, Mld):  6.80 m
Deadweight at  Td: 9,000 MT
Cruising Range: 1,200 NM
Service Speed: 12.0 knots 
Loading/Unloading Rate:  1,600 m³/h


Marine Diesel Oil: 900 m3
Fresh water and Distilled water: 150 m3
Ballast water: 8,000 m3
Cargo tank volume: 18,600 m3


7,500 m³ LNG Bunker Vessel (Diesel-Electric Propulsion), Developed by Jiangnan Shipyard


  • The Vessel to have a upper deck with canopy deck cover, bulbous bow, transom stern with open water type stern frame, a dual fuel diesel-electric configuration with three (3) dual fuel main generator engines, two (2) main azimuth propulsion thrusters and one (1) bow thruster.  
  • The Vessel to be built to have two (2) cylindrical independent IMO type C cargo tanks which to be designed for a maximum pressure of 3.5 bar g, a minimum temperature of -163ºC and a maximum cargo specific gravity of 0.5. 


Length (o.a.) 110.00 m
Breadth: 18.80 m
Depth to Main Deck: 10.80 m
Draught (Design, Mld):  5.60 m
Draught(Scantling, Mld):  5.80 m
Deadweight at  Td: 4,300 MT
Cruising Range: 7,500 nm
Service Speed: 13.0 kn


Marine Diesel Oil: 550 m3
Fresh water and Distilled water: 180 m3
Ballast water: 2,600 m3
Cargo tank volume: 7,500m3


Generator: Wartsila 8L20DF x 3 Sets
Propulsion: Two (2) Sets
Service Speed: 13.0 kn


6,500 m³ LNG Bunker Vessel, Developed by SDARI

  • Receive LNG from a shore terminal;
  • Empty its own cargo tanks;
  • Receive LNG from LNG carrier;
  • Discharge LNG to shore storage tank;
  • Transfer LNG internally between its own cargo tanks;
  • Transfer LNG to receiving ship;
  • Warm up its own cargo tanks and LNG bunker tank of receiving ship;
  • Supply dry inert gas to itself and receiving ship;
  • Gas up its own cargo tanks and LNG bunker tank of receiving ship;
  • Cool down tanks and LNG cargo lines of both itself and receiving ship

- Length (o.a.):     abt.126.00 m
- Length (p.p.):         118.00 m
- Breadth:                17.60 m
- Depth:                  10.00 m
- Design draught:          5.90 m
- Max. draught:            6.60 m
- Service speed:     abt. 14.00 kn
- Deadweight (max.): abt. 5,500 t

COMPLEMENT: 9 (officers) + 10 (crews) + 4 (suez)

- Cargo tank:            6,500 m3
- Marine diesel/gas:       450 m3
- Fresh water:             120 m3
- Ballast water:     abt 2,300 m3

- BV: I, +HULL, +MACH, Liquefied Gas Carrier, Unrestricted Navigation, VeriSTAR-HULL, ICE CLASS 1C,+AUT-UMS, SYS-NEQ-1, SYS-IBS, AVM-DPS, CLEANSHIP, CPS(WBT), LI-S3,INWATERSURVEY

- Main diesel/gas driven engine/alternators:    3 sets
- Engine type: Wartsila 6L20DF 1,110 kW / 1,200rpm Alternator (output 1,065 kW)
- Engine type: Wartsila 8L20DF 1,480 kW / 1,200rpm Alternator (output 1,420 kW)
- Engine type: Wartsila 6L34DF 2,880 kW /   720rpm Alternator (output 2,770 kW)
- Emergency Generator: 1 x 300 kW

FUEL CONSUMPTION (Main alternator engines)
- Running on gas mode

  • LNG:            14.6 t/day
  • MDO pilot fuel: 0.32 t/day

- Running on diesel mode

  • MDO:            18.1 t/day

- Main electric propulsion motors:  2 x 1,450 kW
- Main propulsion units:            2 x Azimuthing thrusters Propeller
- Material:                         Nickel-aluminium-bronze Pitch Fixed
- Diameter:                         abt.2,300 mm each
- Speed at MCR:                     abt. 250 r/min, inward

- Type:     Tunnel type, electric, CP propeller
- Output:   1 x abt. 680 kW (10t thruster force)

- Type:                       2 x 3,250m3, cylindrical
- Max. density for design:    0.65 t/m3
- Min. cargo temperature:     -163ºC
- Tank material:              9% Ni Steel
- Piping material:            Stainless steel
- Thermal insulation:         Polyurethane slabs with galvanized steel sheets

- Type:                       2 x 550m3/h, deepwell
- Max. density for design:    0.50 t/ºC
- Reliquefaction Plant:       1 x 9 t/day
- Bunker Arm:                 1 x 1,000 m3/h
- Gas Combustion Unit:        1 x 1.3 t/h
- Nitrogen Generation System: 2 x Membrane type / PSA type

Order Book  (Please note: the order book is for reference only, the updated report please contact the yard!)
Vessel TypeShipyardOwner CompanyContract Date
LNG Bunkering, 500 cu.m.EK Heavy IndustriesS Korea Fisheries2020-2-1
LNG Bunkering, 18,600 cu.m.Hudong-Zhonghua ShipbuildingMitsui O.S.K Lines Ltd. (MOL)2019-12-3
LNG Bunkering, 18,000 cu.m.Hyundai MipoKorea Line Corporation2019-11-18
LNG & Oil Bunker, 2,500 cu.m.Japan Marine United Corporation (JMU)Ecobunker Shipping2019-2-26
LNG Bunkering, 12,000 cu.m.Sembcorp BoulevardMitsui O.S.K Lines Ltd. (MOL)2019-2-25
LNG Bunkering, 5,800 cu.m.Keppel NantongShturman Koshelev2018-12-26
LNG Bunkering, 8,500 cu.m.Dalian Shipbuilding HI (DSIC)Xinao Energy2018-10-18
LNG Bunkering, 6,000 cu.m.Damen YichangInfortar2018-10-2
Records: 8

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