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22,000 m3 LPG Carrier, developed by Jiangnan Shipyard

Main Particulars

Length (o.a.):
160.00 m
Length (b.p.):
152.42 m
Breadth, mld:
25.60 m
Depth, mld: 16.50 m
Design Draft (Td): 8.30 m
Scantl. Draft (Ts):
9.50 m

Cargo List

Propane, Butane, Commercial propane, Mixture of propane and butane, Anhydrous Ammonia, VCM

Tank Capacities

Cargo Tank: 22,000 m3
Deck Tank: 160 m3
L.S. Fuel Oil Tank (0.5%): 1,150 m3
L.S. Distillate Oil Tank (0.1%): 200 m3
Fresh Water Tank: 200 m3
Ballast Water Tank: 8,300 m3
Urea Solution Storage Tank (40%) :
30 m3

Main Engine & Service Speed

Main Engine:
Service Speed:
16.0 kn
Cruising Range:
16,000 nm

22,000 m3 CO2/LPG Carrier, developed by Jiangnan Shipyard

Main Particulars

Length, oa 159.99 m
Length, bp 152.42 m
Breadth, mld 25.60 m
Depth, mld 17.80 m
Design Draft (Td)
11.80 m
Scantl. Draft (Ts) 
12.40 m

Cargo List

Propane, Butane, Commercial propane, Mixture of propane and butane, Anhydrous Ammonia, VCM, Butadiene, Mixture of N-Butane/ I-Butane, Butylene, C4 Mixture, Isoprene monomer, Diethyl ether, Diethyl ether, Isopropylamine, Monoethylamine, Vinyl ethyl ether, CO2

Tank Capacities

Cargo Tanks: 22,000 m3
Ammonia Fuel Tank: 3500 m3
Cargo Deck Tank: 160 m3
VLSFO tanks (0.5%):
1,400 m3
ULSFO tanks (0.1%) :
250 m3
Fresh Water Tanks: 300 m3
Ballast Water Tanks: 7,500 m3

Main Engine & Speed

Main Engine: MES 5S50ME-C9.7-LGIA-HPSCR
Service Speed: 14.8 kn
Cruising Range: 30 days with 3 days margin


LNG Bunker Vessel
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 Seaway 7 takes semi-sub delivery from Beihai Shipyard (2022-07-30)
 MOL orders four LNG carriers for Qatar Energy at Hudong-Zhonghua (2022-04-13)
 H-Line in for 2 7000 ceu car carriers at Guangzhou Shipyard Intl. (2022-04-10)
 PIL awards contract at Jiangnan Shipyard to build 14,000 TEU LNG container vessels (2022-03-05)
 CIMC SOE won an order for 2+1 7,600cbm LNG Bunkering Vessels from Seaspan (2022-02-19)
 CULINES order 2 units 2700 TEU feeder from CSSC Huangpu Wenchong (2022-02-15)
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User Comments:
  Re: Handysize Gas Carrier
Hello, we are considering the purchase of an LPG ship until January 2024. The required capacity is 22,000 MT. If possible, please send information and price ranges to the email address provided. Thanks
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