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MacGregor is a family of innovators. By offering engineering solutions and services for handling marine cargoes and offshore loads we make the sea more accessible, safe and reliable for those whose livelihood depends on the changing conditions of the sea.

To enable that we have a variety of strong product brands and committed experts with a passion for solving challenges – and the power of the sea is sure to provide those.

For onshore loading customers, MacGregor offers Woodfield branded marine loading arms for transferring crude oil, refined products, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG). 

  • MacGregor cargo cranes for bulk carriers,
  • MacGregor cargo cranes for container ships,
  • MacGregor cargo cranes for general cargo,
  • MacGregor cargo cranes for multipurpose vessels
  • MacGregor cargo cranes for tanker transloading and port cranes.

GLB cargo crane

GLBE cargo crane

GLH cargo crane

HH Hose handling crane

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