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  38,000 DWT Chemical Tanker Search:
Building Shipyard
 Hudong-Zhonghua Shipbuilding
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Member Only Brochure: 38,000dwt Chemical (2015)
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38,000 DWT Chemical Tanker

The vessel to be designed and built as a single screw diesel driven tanker for normal worldwide service. The vessel shall be suitable for liquid chemical and product oil cargo in all 30 stainless steel cargo tanks. The cargo maximum specific gravity is to be 1.55 t/m3 for fully loaded and 1.85 t/m3  for partially loaded in ten cargo tanks, this cargo tanks can be loaded cargo with over pressure 0.6 bar.The maximum specific gravity is to be 1.3 t/m3 and 1.85 t/m3  for partially loaded for fully loaded for other tanks. IMO I liquid cargo to be carried in four center cargo tanks. The design of the vessel shall reflect on economical operation, safety and environmental protection. Ballast water treatment plant to be installed in pump room. Effective energy saving devices to be used to ruduce FOC.

- Length (o.a.):           abt. 182.80 m
- Length (b.p.):                177.00 m
- Breadth moulded:               32.00 m
- Depth moulded:             15.70 m
- Design draught, moulded:         9.5 m
- Scantling draught, moulded:     10.8 m
- Deadweight at Td:             31,000 t
- Deadweight at Td:             38,000 t

SERVICE SPEED:  14.50 kn (at designed draft and CSR of M/E with 15% SM)

ENDURANCE:     18,000 n.miles


- Cargo tanks (inc. residual): 43,600 m³
- H. F. O. tank:                1,400 m³
- DO.& MGO tank:                  450 m³
- Fresh water tank:               200 m³
- Ballast water tank:          15,000 m³

- LR: + 100A1 Double Hull Oil and Chemical Tanker ,Ship Type 1,ShipRight (ACS(B), CM), *IWS, LI, SPM4,ECO(BWT, IHM) with descriptive notes "ShipRight (BWMP(T), SCM, SERS), ETA" + LMC, IGS, UMS, NAV1

- Model:                MAN 6S50ME-B9.5
- Fuel oil consumption: 20.46 t/d (based on CSR)
- Cargo pumps:   Hyd driven, submerged cargo pumps
                 14 sets,330m³/h×120M.L.C.for cargo tanks
                 16 sets,220m³/h×120M.L.C. for cargo/slop tanks
- Ballast pumps: submerged type
                 2 sets,500m³/h×30 mlc, S.G.1.025


- Main generator:      3 x AC 450V 3 Phase 60Hz abt 950 kW
- Emergency generator: 1 x AC 450V 3 Phase 60Hz abt 180 kW

- Boiler:           12,000 kg/h,0.7 MPa x 2 set
- N2 generator:     1,100 Nm3/h at 95% purity x 2 set
- Tank cleaning:    water
- Tank heating:     heating coils
- Bow thruster:     ~1100kW

MacGregor    NETZCH    海德威

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