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35,500 DWT Self-unloading Bulk Carrier

The Laker size self-unloading vessel conforms to the Canadian TC standards with a required environmental temp. between-30oC and 35oC. This Canada-flag registered vessel is intended for the inland navigation in the Great Lakes and St Laurence Region at 13 knots in service speed, service in carrying dry cargo including grain, coal, iron ore, stone and gypsum etc., reflecting on economical operation, safety and environment protection. The vessel is a single screw slow speed M/E driven, fitted with a bow thruster, a stern thruster and a CPP with rudder stock and nozzle; and having with vertical bow with forecastle. The cargo area have five (5) cargo holds. Unloading rate is of abt. 6,000stph (5,440t/h) of iron ore. The deadweight in F.W water of 1.0 specific gravity is about 35,400 metric tons at scantling draft of 9.0 m, 30,600 metric tons at Max Seaway draft of 8.077 m.
- Length (o.a.):       abt.  225.50 m
- Length (b.p.):             222.60 m
- Breadth  (mld.):            23.76 m
- Depth  (mld.):              14.75 m
- Scantling draft (mld.):      9.00 m
- Deadweight (@ Ts):    abt. 35,500 t

SERVICE SPEED:        abt. 12.5 knots

COMPLEMENT:           26 P

- LR: +100A1 Great lakes bulk carrier(self-unload), LMC, UMS, CCS,ICC, EP, NAV1, IBS

- Cargo holds:             abt. 41,700 m³
- Heavy fuel oil tanks:    abt.    620 m³
- Marine diesel oil tanks: abt.    120 m³
- Water ballast capacity:  abt. 18,300 m³

- Self unloading system:           abt. 5,000m³/h
- Thermal oil heater:              1 x 1,500kW
- Exhaust gas thermal oil heater:  1 x 600kW for M/E; 1 x 600kW for generators
- Model:                     MAN B&W 6S50 ME B9
- CMCR:                      8,750 kW x 109 r/min
- CSR (90%CMCR):             7,875 kW x 105 r/min
- Fuel oil consumption: abt. 31.0T/d (+5%) with PTO

- Diesel generators:      2 x 1,320 kW, 1 x 1050kW
- Shaft generator:        1 x 2,500 kW
- Emergency generator:    1 x   184 kW

MacGregor    NETZCH    海德威

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