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 Brochure: 120K Mini-Cape (SDARI, 2017)
Member Only GA: SADRI 113K DWT Bulk (2013)
Member Only GA: SDARI 120K DWT Bulk (2016)
Member Only Outline: 113K DWT Bulk (SDARI, 2013)
Member Only Outline: 115K DWT Bulk (Jiangnan, 2013)
Member Only Outline: 120K DWT Bulk (SDARI, 2016)
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Panama Canal widening should be finished in early 2016. After new panama canal be open for business, the Mini-Cape, which length 255m, breadth 43m, draft 14.5m, deadweight 120,000dwt, may take place Panamax 76000dwt and Kasarmax 82000dwt and Post-Panamax like 87000dwt bulk carriers, will become the new Panamax bulk carrier.

120,000 DWT Mini-Capesize Bulk Carrier (Tire II/III) -- Designed by Shanghai Merchant Ship Design & Research Institute (SDARI)


- Length (o.a.)       255.00m
- Length (b.p.)       250.00m
- Breadth              43.00m
- Depth                20.20m
- Designed Draft       13.00m
- Scantling Draft      14.60m
- Deadweight (@scantling draft) 120,000ton


- Endurance based on fuel oil consumption of 42,700 kj/kg lower calorific value, service speed of 14.0 knots and main engine run at CSR with 15% S.M. to be abt. 22,000 n.mile.

- Cargo holds (100%):              135,000 m³
- Heavy fuel oil tank: (inc. L.S.):  2,500 m³
- Marine Gas oil tank:                 400 m³
- Fresh Water tank:                    300 m³
- Ballast water tanks (excluding No.4 cargo hold) 36,500 m³

- Model: MAN B&W 6G60ME-C9.5 with HP SCR Tier II / III
- MCR:             16,080 kW x 97.0 r/min
- CMCR:            13,762 kW x 83.0 r/min
- CSR (65% CMCR):   8,945 kW x 71.9 r/min

Or Equivalent Wartsila main engine

- Main engine fuel oil consumption per day at CSR (8,945 KW) and fulfilling the IMO NOx emission limitations Tier II and lower calorific value of 42,700 kJ/kg at ISO 3046-1 ambient reference condition: abt. 34.0 t/d (+6%)

MacGregor    NETZCH    海德威

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