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 Jiangnan Shipyard
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Member Only Brochure: 37,500m³ LEGC
Member Only Brochure: 37,500m³ LEGC (Jiangnan, 2015)
 Photo: 37,500m³ LEGC
 Photo: 37,500m³ LEGC
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37,500m³ Liquefied Ethylene Gas Carrier (Type C, Dual Fuel, Camel E)  - Designed by Jiangnan Shipyard (Group) Co., Ltd.

The vessel is a new type of liquefied gas carrier (Camel E) which developed and built by Jiangnan Shipyard, the vessel is the largest LEG carrier in the world at present, The vessel was developed under background of the shale gas revolution in the US, Her major routine is transporting ethane/ethylene from US to Europe or East Asia.

The vessel containing three Type-C independent tanks and is designed as semi-ref.. LEG/LPG carrier, with a design temperature of -104ºC, the vessel is suitable to carry a variety of liquefied as cargo like VCM, NH3, ethylene/ethane, propane/propylene, butane/butylene and butadiene.

The vessel type adopts "VS-Bow" hull from which developed by Jiangnan Shipyard. This makes the vessel has excellent seaworthiness in wave and fuel economy. The vessel adopts dual power system, equipped with dual fuel main engine and generators, low sulphor fuel oil tank and two LNG deck tanks (option), has excellent fuel economy  and satisfy the demands of Tire III and SECA. LNG fuel capacity can cover the whole routine to satify strict emission control requirement. New IGC requirement can be met.

- Length o.a.:               abt. 179.85 m
- Length b.p.:                    176.00 m
- Breath, mld:                     29.60 m
- Depth, mld :                     19.40 m
- Draught Design, mld:              9.80 m
- Draught Scantl., mld:            11.00 m
- Deadweight @Ts:          abt. 26,500 dwt



- Notation:   A1 Ⓔ, Liquefied Gas Carrier, SH, SHCM, TCM, UWILD, BWE, GP, CPS +AMS,+ACCU, RELIQ

- Cargo Tank                     37,500 m³
   (Main Cargo Tank)             35,000 m³
   (Deck Cargo Tank)              2,300 m³
   (Cargo Deck Tank)                200 m³
- Ballast water            abt.  13,500 m³
- Heavy fuel oil           abt.   1,800 m³
- Diesel oil/MGO           bt.      200 m³
- Fresh water             abt.      250 m³

- Max. tank pressure:      4.16 bar g (IMO)
- Max. cargo density:             0.60 t/m³
- Min. tank temperature:            -104ºC
- Tank Material:           LT steel (5% Ni)
- Tank Insulation:                   230mm
- Deep Well Pump:           550m3/h,6 sets

- Steering Gear:              ram type x 1
- Lifeboat:                  free-fall x 1
- Water Ballast Pump:         500 m³/h x 2
- Cargo Horse Crane:                5t x 1
- Windlass Combined / Mooring Winches: 2+2

- Main Engine:   6S50ME-C8.5 (TII) x 1 set
- SMCR:               8,100 kW x 108.0 rpm
- CSO:                7,290 kW x 104.3 rpm
- Main Diesel Generator:       1250 kW x 3
- Emergency Gen.                150 kW x 1
- Service Speed:              abt. 16.3 kn
- F.O.C. of M/E, CSO                29 t/d

- Radar with ARPA
- Echo Sounder
- Gyro Compass/Auto Pilot
- Speed Log (Single Axis)
- DGPS Navigator
- ECDIS (1 set)

(a) Dual Fuel                       ME-G1
    FGC of M/E               23.9+1 t/day
(b) Nox Tire III          Scr as solution
(c) LPG -48ºC (LTS Tank)

MacGregor    NETZCH    海德威

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