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  172,000M³ LNG CARRIER Search:
Building Shipyard
 Hudong-Zhonghua Shipbuilding
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Member Only Brochure: 172,000m³ LNG
Member Only Brochure: 172,000m³ LNG (2015)
 Photo: 172,000M³ LNG Carrier
 Photo: 172,000M³ LNG Carrier
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172,000M³ Low Speed Diesel Engine + Reliquefaction LNG Carrier - Designed by Hudong-Zhong Shipbuilding (Group) Co., Ltd.

The 172,000m³ low speed diesel engine + reliquefaction LNG carrier is independently developed and designed by Hudong-Zhonghua Shipbuilding (Group) Co., Ltd. following the successful construction of 147,000m³ LNG carriers. It is a new vessel type with latest techniques adopted and to the international advanced level. This vessel type adopts a brand-new twin-skeg design, propulsion system of low speed double engine and double screw, and innovative reliquefaction system, GCU system and BWT system, and features satifactory shipping economy.

- Length (o.a.):         290.00 m
- Length (b.p.):         278.00 m
- Breadth moudled:        46.95 m
- Depth moulded:          26.25 m
- Draught draught:        11.50 m
- Draught scantling:      12.50 m
- Service Speed:          19.5 kn
- Deadweight at Td: abt. 84,000MT
- Cruising Range:  14,000 n.miles

COMPLEMENTS: 45 persons (incl. 8 Suez workers)

- Heavy fuel oil & Diesel oil:      5,100 m³
- Fresh water and Distilled water:    250 m³
- Ballast water:                   58,000 m³
- Cargo tank volume:   172,000m³ (at -163ºC)

- Model:            2 X 6S70ME-C8
- SMCR:    2 X 16,000kW X 85.0rpm
- NCR:     2 X 13,600kW X 80.5rpm

- Cargo Pumps:             8 X 1,650 m3/h 150 m.l.c.
- Spray Pumps:             4 X 60 m3/h 140 m.l.c.
- High Duty Compressor:    2 X 32,000 m3/h
- Low Duty Compressor:     2 X 4,350 m3/h
- LNG Reliquefaction Equipment: abt 5.6 t/h

- Integrated Cargo Tanks System "No.96 type" of GTT Design

MacGregor    NETZCH    海德威

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