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 Jiangnan Shipyard
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 Brochure: 83,000m³ VLGC, 2015
Member Only Brochure: 84,000m³ VLGC, 2015
 Brochure: 84,000m³ VLGC, 2018
Member Only Outline: 83,000m³ VLGC, 2015
Member Only Outline: 84,000m³ VLGC, 2015
Member Only Outline: 84,000m³ VLGC, 2018
 Photo: 83,000m³ VLGC
 Photo: 84,000m³ VLGC - M/V Taurus
 Photo: 84,000m³ VLGC (Jiangnan)
 Photo: M/V Gas Aries
 Photo: M/V Gas Taurus
 Photo: M/V Gas Taurus
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84,000m³ Very Large Gas Carrier (Type A) -- Designed by Jiangnan Shipyard (Group) Co., Ltd.

Liquefied gas carrier transports high-risk inflammable and explosive gas, the design and construction of such gas carrier is big challenge even for a shipyard with conversional shipbuilding experience, and it's acknowledged as high-tech vessel in the international shipbuilding industry. Such VLGCs with much higher technological requirements and more difficult than type C gas carrier, this is why Chinese shipbuilder never touch such type A gas carrier. This vessel that is entrusted to Jiangnan shipyard for designing and construction will be a high-tech ship with high added value that breaks the monopoly of foreign shipyards and fills dometic blanks on this matter.

Type A Tank for VLGC: VLGC adopts the Type-A cargo tanks, designed by Jiangnan itself, with independent self-supporting prismatic tanks as the primary barrier and the hull structure surrounding the tanks as the secondary barrier. Is takes longer period to analysis the structureand tank supporting system as well as structure details. It also need high accuracy of installing the supporting system and faces big difficulty and challenge in welding the low temperature steel.

- Length (o.a.):          230.0 m
- Length (b.p.):          226.0 m
- Breadth, mld:            36.6 m
- Depth mld.:              22.2 m
- Draught design:          11.4 m
- Draught scantling:       12.1 m
- Deadweight at Ts: abt. 54,000 t
- Service Speed:          16.8 kn
- Endurance:       21,000 n.miles

COMPLEMENT:                   28P

- A1, (E), Liquefied Gas Carrier, SH, SHCM, CPS, UWILD, with a description “Ship type 2G and independent tanks Type A (Min. cargo temperature -52oC,Max. vapour pressure 0.25 bar G, Max. specific gravity 0.61)”, ENVIRO,NBLES, GP, RRDA, TCM + AMS, + ACCU

CAPACITIES (100% full)
- Cargo tanks (incl. domes):    > 84,000 m³
- Water ballast tanks:       abt. 21,000 m³
- Heavy fuel oil tanks:            2,650 m³
- L.S. distillate oil (MGO) tank:    350 m³
- Fresh water tanks:                 300 m³

- Max. Tank Pressure:       0.25 bar g (IMO)
- Max. Cargo Denstity:             0.61 t/m³
- Min. Tank temperature:               -52ºC
- Deep Well Pump:           600m³/h, 8 sets
- C-Propane:                 8% mole ethane

- Model:               MAN B&W 6G60ME-C9.5 x 1 set
- SMCR:                     12,100 kW x 82.0 r/min
- CSO:                      10,890 kW x 79.2 r/min
- Main Diesel Generator:         1,180 kW x 3 sets
- Emergency Generator:              150 kW x 1 set


- 1 x Steering Gear, Ram Type
- 1 x Free-fall Lifeboat
- 2 x Windlass, Combined with Mooring Winches
- 4 x Mooring Winches
- 2 x Water Ballast Pump, 800 m³/h
- 1 x Cargo Hose Crane, 10 t


Rader with ARPA, Echo Sounder, ECDID (1 set), Gyro compass / Auto pilot, Speed log (single axis), BNWAS, DGPS Navigator

VLGC Mk II is the 2nd generation of Jiangnan VLGC. This new version is designed with the maximum overall length 230m suiting US port limit and larger cargo capacity than predecessor of JN83,000m³ VLGC, and can pass though the expanded Panama Canal (to be finished in 2016). In order to improve the seaworthiness in wave and fuel efficiency, a newly designed hullform with adoption of the VS-BOW (patent 42815) has been developed with assitance of CFD technology.

VLGC Mk II is equipped with one (1) latest main engine of energy-frugal, super long-stoke.

- NOx Tire III: SCR as solution

MacGregor    NETZCH    海德威

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