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 Photo: 50,000dwt Tanker (GSI)
 Photo: 50K MR Tanker
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50,000 DWT Chemical/Product Oil Tanker (Tire II/III) -- Designed by Guangzhou Shipyard International Co., Ltd. (GSI)

With Tire III and comfort I applied.

The vessel is to be designed for service worldwide trading (incl. Suez and Panama Canal), transporting all types of oil products listed in MARPOL 73/78 Annex I appendix except asphalt solutions, and transporting chemicals IMO II/III (non-toxic listed in Chapter 17 of IBC code), according to Class notation and technical construction, compatible with cargo tank coating. The vessel is to be a single screw diesel engine driven with a semi-balanced type rudder. The vessel have one (1) complete upper deck with forecastle, transom stern, double hull in way of cargo tank area, double bottom to be arranged in engine room. The deck transverse beams and deck longitudinal to be arranged on upper deck in cargo tank area.

- Length (o.a.):       183.2 m
- Length (p.p.):       176.0 m
- Breadth mld.:        32.26 m
- Depth mld.:           18.2 m
- Design Draft:         11.0 m
- Scantling Draft:      12.9 m
- Service speed:        14.5 kn (15% sm at designed draft)
- Endurance (@14.5 kn): 14,000 n.miles

- at Design Draft:     abt. 39,500 t
- at Scantling Draft:  abt. 50,000 t

- DNV or equivalent
- 1A1, Tanker for Oil Products ESP and Tanker for Chemicals ESP, E0, CSR, VCS-2, T-MON, BIS, SPM.
- Register information: Ship type 2, a2, b3, c2, f2, str0.075

CAPACITY (MLD. 100% full)
- Liquid cargo tanks (including slop tanks): abt. 54, 000 m³
- Residual tank:                             abt.     250 m³
- Fuel oil tanks:                            abt.    1300 m³
- Diesel oil tanks:                          abt.     300 m³
- MGO tanks:                                 abt.     300 m³
- Fresh water tanks:                         abt.     400 m³
- Segregated water ballast tanks:            abt.  20,000 m³

Submerged Deep Well Pump
- 10 Pumps for Cargo Tanks:       500m³/h x 120mlc-S.G:0.8-visc.1.0 cSt.
- 2 Pumps for Cargo/Slop Tanks:   300m³/h x 120mlc-S.G:0.8-visc.1.0 cSt.

- Model:    WIN G&D 6X52 or equivalent
- NOx:      IMO Tier II/III compliant
- MCR:      10,860kW × 105rpm
- CMCR:      7,585kW ×  79rpm
- CSR:       5,689kW × 71.8rpm

- 21.8 t/day (Tier II mode)
- 22.2 t/day (Tire III mode)

- Three (3) sets diesel engine: abt. 960 kW×900 r/min
- Alternator: abt. 910 kW×900 r/min
              A.C.450V, 60Hz 3-phase

51,000 DWT Chemical/Product Oil Tanker -- Designed by Marine Design and Research Institute of China (MARIC)

- Length o.a.:        abt. 183.00 m
- Length b.p.:             174.00 m
- Breadth, molded:          32.26 m
- Depth, molded:            19.00 m
- Designed draft, molded:   11.00 m
- Scantling draft, molded:  13.30 m

Complement: 28 + 6 Suze Crews

Service speed
: 14.3kn (design draught, CSR of main engine with 15% sea margin.)

Cruising Range: apprx. 13,500 NM

Deadweight: 51,000 ton @ Scantling draft modeled

- LR or equivalent
- + 100A1, Double Hull Oil Tanker, CSR, ESP,ShipRight(CM, ACS(B)), LI, *IWS, ShipRight(BWT,SCM)


- Cargo tanks:              abt. 54,500 m³
- Slop tanks:               abt.  1,200 m³
- Heavy fuel oil tanks:     abt.  1,300 m³
- Marine gas oil:           abt.    250 m³
- Fresh water tanks:        abt.    400 m³
- Ballast water tanks:      abt. 22,000 m³


- Model:    MAN B&W 6G50ME-C9.5 Tire III with SCR
- SMCR:     8200kW×93r/min
- NCR:      6150kW×84.5r/min
- Fixed-pitch propeller 4 Blades

- F.O.C at NCR(Tier II): 23.5 MT/day+6%

- Diesel Generators:    3 x 850 kW
- Emergency Generator:  1 x 150 kW

40,000 DWT Chemical/Product Oil Tanker -- Designed by Shanghai Merchant Ship Design & Research Institute (SDARI)

- Length o.a.:                abt. 180.00 m
- Length b.p.:                     176.80 m
- Breadth, molded:                  32.00 m
- Depth, molded:                    17.00 m
- Designed draft, molded:            9.50 m
- Scantling draft, molded:          11.00 m
- Deadweight (@Scantling draft): 40,000 ton

Complement: 26 + 6 Suez crews

Service speed: 14.0kn

Cruising Range: apprx. 16,000 n.miles

- RINA C✠ HULL, Oil tanker, ESP, HCSR, product, Double hull, Chemical Tanker IMO2, In-water survey, Green Star Design ✠ MACH,MON -Shaft, VCS, PMS,BWM-T, AUT-UMS
(Other notation to be selected by the Buyer)


- Cargo tanks:           abt. 48,800 m³(include. Slop tanks)
- Residual tank:         abt.    200 m³
- Heavy fuel oil tanks:  abt.    900 m³
- M.G.O. tanks:          abt.    300 m³
- LNG storage tanks:     abt.  1,200 m³(to be used as fuel gas)
- Fresh water tanks:     abt.    300 m³
- Rinse fresh water tanks: abt.  400 m³
- Water ballast tanks:   abt. 15,000 m³

- SMCR 6,200 kW x97.4rpm
- CSR ( 79% SMCR) 4,898 kW x 90 r/min
Main Engine to be capable of operating with Natural Gas and HFO 380 cSt.

- Fuel gas consumption of main engine at CSR to be about 16.7 tons/day excluding +/- 6 % manufacturer’s tolerance based on L.C.V. of 50,000 kJ/kg and ISO standard reference conditions.
- Fuel oil consumption of main engine at CSR to be about 20.3 tons/day excluding +/- 6 % manufacturer’s tolerance based on L.C.V. of 42,700 kJ/kg and ISO standard reference conditions.

- Diesel Generators:    3 x 800 kW
- Emergency Generator:  1 x 150 kW

MacGregor    NETZCH    海德威

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