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  Dulpex St-Steel Chemical Tanker Search:
Building Shipyard
 Hudong-Zhonghua Shipbuilding
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Member Only Brochure: 33,000dwt St-Steel Tanker
Member Only Brochure: 33,000dwt St-Steel Tanker (2015)
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33,000DWT Dulpex St-Steel Chemical Tanker -- Designed by Hudong-Zhonghua Shipbuilding (Group) Co., Ltd.

33,000 DWT Duplex Stainless Steel Chemical Tanker is a single screw, low speed marine diesel engine driven chemical tanker developed by Hudong-Zhonghua Shipbuilding(Group)Co., Ltd on the basis of market demand for carrying oil products and chemicals (IMO type I,II/ III, including acids and toxic chemicals) in bulk. The vessel is featuring a single continuous freeboard deck with forecastle, poop, and five (5) stories of superstructure above poop deck, furnished with erect typestem, transom stern, a semi-balanced type rudder and a fixed pitch propeller, with twenty eight integral cargo tanks (one submerged pump for each cargo tank). Steel facing cargo tanks to be solid stainless steel type duplex 2205.Successful development and construction of this vessel not only enlarged the Chemical Tanker database, but improved our competitiveness in chemical tanker market, and lays a good foundation to build chemical tanker fleet of our own.

- Length (o.a.):          185.00 m
- Length (b.p.):          181.50 m
- Breadth :                28.40 m
- Depth :                  15.00 m
- Draught(Design) :         9.50 m
- Draught(Scantling) :     10.50 m
- Deadweight at Td : abt. 30,000 t
- Deadweight at Ts : abt. 33,000 t
- Cruising Range :   abt. 15,000 n.miles

SERVICE SPEED: Apprx. 14.0 knots (Design Draught, NCR including 15% sea margin, with clean bottom on calm and deep open sea)

- Cargo tank volume :    abt. 37,000 m³
- No. of Segregation :   Twenty eight (28)
- Cargo Pump 1)Type :    hydraulic driven submerged pump 2)No. : Twenty eight (28) sets 3)Capa. : 220/330
/h x 120 mlc ,SG 0.8 t/m3 , 1.0 cSt
- Cargo Piping Material : AISI 316L min. 2.7% Mo.
- Some cargo tanks can carried out IMO 1 chemical cargo

- SMCR:      6,050 kW x 99 RPM
- NCR:       4,561 kW x 90.1 RPM
- Daily Fuel Oil Consumption : Apprx. 17.57t/Day at NCR (42700KJ/kg)

- Water Ballast Tanks :     abt. 16,500 m³
- Heavy Fuel Tanks :        abt.  1,500 m³
- Fresh Water Tanks :       abt.    300 m³
- Tech. Fresh Water tanks : abt.    800 m³
- Marine diesel Oil Tank :  abt.    300 m³

- Aux. Boiler : 2 sets x 10,000 kg/h at NCR Steam condition : 8 bar ( g) saturated steam (absolute pressure)
- Exhaust gas boiler : 1 sets x 470 kg/h at NCR Steam condition : 8 bar ( g) saturated steam (absolute pressure)

MacGregor    NETZCH    海德威

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