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Building Shipyard
 Huangpu-Wenchong Shipbuilding
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 Photo: M/V Box Enourance
 Photo: M/V Box Enourance Launching
 Photo: M/V Philippos Michalis
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1,700 TEU Container Vessel

The vessel is a single crew driven oceangoing geared Bankokmax feeder with machinery and living quaters located aft. It has five cargo holds on hatch cover/deck, 45ft container could be stowed only on hatch cover, Dangerous goods of class 1.4S,2,3,4,5.1,6.1,8 and 9 could be carried in No.1,2,3 and 4 hold. Dangerous goods of all class can be carried on deck except E/R above. The design to fulfill all lastest rules and regulations including EEDI, Fuel Oil protection, SOLAS 2009 and EU Directive 2005/33/EC. The ballast water treatment system shall be equipped onboard. Suitable energy saving device (e.g. HVAF) shall be used to achieve the service speed.

- Length (o.a.): 172.00 m
- Length (b.p.): 161.80m
- Breadth, mld:   27.40m
- Depth, mld: 13.80m
- Draught design: 8.50
- Draught scantling: 9.50m
- Service Speed (@Td): 19.65 kn
- Deadweight (@Td): 17,700 t
- Deadweight (@Ts): 21,600 t
- Curising Range: 14,000 n miles

- GL: +100A5, Container ship, NAV, DG, IW, BWM(D2), RSD, LC + MC, AUT, EP-D

: 24P + 6Suez


- Heavy fuel oil:  abt. 1,750 m³
- Marine Diesel/Gas oil:  abt. 200 m³
- Fresh Water: abt. 200 m³
- Ballast Water: abt. 8,200 m³


(With Max. number of containers (IMO visibility)
- On Deck: 1,706 TEU
- In Hold: 634 TEU
- Total 1706TEU
* Rows Max. in holds/on hatches: 10/11 rows
* Tiers Max. in holds/on harches: 5/6 tiers
* Height of cargo hold: 2 x 9'6" + 3 x 8'6"

El. Plugs for Reefer Containers (6.0kW each):
On desc (2 tiers): 160 FEU
In hold: 202 FEU
Total: 362 FEU

Loadable container capacity:
Homo.14MT/TEU at Ts: abt. 1,220 TEU
(Base on 8'6", 45% VCG, 100% Consumable)

- Model: Wartsila 6RT-Flex58T-E, Tire II (Low Load)
- MCR: 14,100 kW x 105 r/min
- SMCR 13,560KW x 105 r/min
- CSR(90%SMCR) 12,204kW x 101.4 r/min
- DFOC(LCV=10,200kcal/kg): 48.2 t/d

- Bow thruster: 1 x 800 kW
- Steering gear: El.Hyd. Rotary-vane type
- Mooring winch: 1 fore/3 aft Elec. Type
- Deck crane: 2 x 45 t
- Ballast system: 2 x 350m³/h x 0.35 MPa
- Heeling pump: 1 x 500m³/h x 0.17 MPa

MacGregor    NETZCH    海德威

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