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Member Only Brochure: 208K DWT Bulk (SWS)
Member Only Brochure: 208K DWT Bulk (SWS, 2015)
Member Only Brochure: 209K DWT Bulk (Jiangnan, 2015)
Member Only Outline: 208K DWT Bulk (SWS)
 Photo: 208,000DWT Bulk Carrier
 Photo: 208,000DWT Bulk Carrier
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208,000dwt Newcastle Bulk Carrier -- Designed by Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding (SWS)

The vessel is to be designed and built as ocean going bulk carrier with sigle screw driven by low speed diesel engine, suitable for carring bulk cargoes, such as coal, ore etc. The vessel has a deadweight of about 207,500 metric tons. The vessel is to have a single continuous upper deck with forecastle, vertical type stem, a transom stern, a semi-balanced rudder with rudder horn and fixed pitch propeller.

All accommodations including navigation bridge and propulsion machinery to be located aft.Double button to be extended between the fore peak bulkhead and the aft peak bulkhead. The cargo area to be divided into 9 holds. Fuel Oil Tanks to be arranged at Topside Wing Tanks in the way of No.9 Cargo Holds (P & S) and engine with cofferdams at ship sides.


- Length (o.a.):              299.88 m
- Length (p.p.):              294.00 m
- Breadth, mld.:               50.00 m
- Depth, mld.:                 25.00 m
- Design draught, mld.:        16.10 m
- Scantling draught, mld.:     18.50 m
- Deadweight:                  207,500 tons (At scantling draught, mld)

SERVICE SPEED: at designed draft: 14.5knots (at NCR, with 15% sea margin)


ENDURANCE (service speed): abt 25,000 n.m.

- Cargo Capacity(grain):   abt. 222,000 m³
- Ballast water tanks (including Bo.6 hold): abt 93,000 m³
- Heavy fuel oil tanks:      abt. 6,000 m³
- Diesel oil tanks:          abt.   500 m³
- Fresh water tanks:         abt.   530 m³

- No.1 Hatchway:        15.36 m x 19.20 m
- No.2~8 Hatchway:      16.32 m x 23.40 m
- No.9 Hatchway:        15.36 m x 19.20 m
Cargo hatch covers shall be built-up as single skin constuction with peaked top as per maker's standard.

- ABS: +A1 (E), Bulk Carrier, BC-A (holds 2,4,6 & 8 may be empty), CSR, SafeShip-CM, +AMS, +ACCU, RW, TCM, CPS, PMA, ESP, GRAB(25), POT, UWILD
- LR: +100A1, Bulk Carrier, CSR, BC-A, (holds 2,4,6 & 8 may be empty), ESP, ShipRight (CM, ACS(B)), GRB(25), *IWS, LI, +LMC, UMS, with descriptive Notes, ShipRight (BWMP(S), SCM).
- BV: I +HULL, +MACH, Bulk Carrier, CSR, BC-A (holds 2,4,6 & 8 may be empty), ESP, Unrestricted navigation, +ANT-UMS, VERISTAR-HULL, MON-SHAFT, INWATERSURVEY, GRAB[25], CPS(WBT).

- Model:                   1 X MAN B&W 6G70ME-C (Mark 9.2)
- SMCR:                            16,400 kW x 77.0 r/min
- CSR:                             13,120 kW x 71.5 r/min
- Main diesel generators:           3 x 900kW x 900 r/min
- Emergency diesel generator:    1 x 200 kW x 1,800 r/min
- Fuel oil consumption:          abt 49.70 mt/day (service speed, LCV of 42,700 kJ/kg)


209,000 DWT Newcastlemax Bulk Carrier -- Designed by Jiangnan Shipyard (Group) Co., Ltd.

209,000 DWT Newcastle-Max bulk carrier is a very large bulk carrier which is developed independently by Jiangnan Shipyard (group) Co.,Ltd.. It is specifically aimed at the Newcastle port-Far East Route besides carrying bulk ore between Western Australia and Far East, and is the largest ship to enter the port of Newcastle. The Vessle belongs to Ville General Description series of Jiangnan Shipyard, which has excellent fuel economy due to its “VS-BOW” hullform, sophisticated energy-saving duct and G-type Main Engine with a long stroke. No.2 & 8 Cargo Holds are designed as port use water ballast tanks to increase loading ability.

- Length oa:          abt.299.99 m
- Length bp:              295.50 m
- Breadth, mld:            50.00 m
- Depth, mld:              25.00 m
- Design Draft, mld:       16.10 m
- Scantl. Draft, mld:      18.48 m
- Deadweight, Td:    abt.174,000 t
- Deadweight, Ts:    abt.208,500 t
- Vs (Td, CSO, 15% sm, without ESD):  abt.14.6 kn
- FOC of ME (CSO, 42700 kJ/kg):     abt. 51.3 t/d
- Endurance 28,000 n.m.


- Cargo Holds:                              abt.225,000

- Ballast Water Tanks (incl. ballast hold)  abt. 90,000

- Heavy Fuel Oil:                           abt.  5,000

- Diesel Oil:                               abt.    200

- L.S. Distillate Oil:                      abt.    400

- Fresh Water:                              abt.    500


- Hatch Covers side rolling type x 9 sets
- Hatch Opening width max. 23.6 m

- Type:            6G70ME-C9.2
- SMCR:    5,780 kW x 74 r/min
- CSO:  13,413 kW x 70.1 r/min

- Main Diesel Generator:   900 kW x 3 sets
- Emergency Generator:     150 kW x 1 set

- 1 Steering Gear
- 2 Windlass, Combined + 1 Mooring Winch
- 2 Mooring Winches
- 3 Mooring Winches
- 1 Free-fall Lifeboat

In order to improve the seaworthiness in wave and fuel efficiency, a newly designed hull form and the adoption of the VS-BOW (patented) has been developed with the assistance of CFD technology.

MacGregor    NETZCH    海德威

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