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  76,000DWT Panamax Bulk Carrier Search:
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76,000 DWT Panamax Bulk Carrier -- Designed by Jiangnan Shipyard (Group) Co., Ltd.
The vessel to be designed and built as a single screw, diesel engine driven single hull bulk carrier with machinery space and accommodation including navigation bridge located aft of cargo hold area. The vessel to have a single continuous freeboard deck with forecastle, six(6) tiers of deck house raked stem with bulbous bow, transom stern and streamline semi-spade rudder. The cargo area to have seven (7) cargo holds. Cargo holds to be constructed with double bottom and single side skin.
- Length (o.a.):     abt. 225.00 m
- Length (b.p.):          217.00 m
- Breadth (mld.):          32.26 m
- Depth (mld.):            19.60 m
- Designed Draft (mld.):   12.20 m
- Scantling Draft (mld.):  14.20 m
- Deadweight (Ts):  abt.  75,700 t

SERVICE SPEED:     abt. 14.5 knots

ENDURANCE:     abt. 23,000 n.miles

COMPLEMENT:             24+1 crews


- CCS / ABS: CSA, Bulk carrier ESP, CSR, BC-A, Hold Nos.2&4 may be empty, Loading computer S, I, G, D, GRAB(20), PSPC(B). or equivalent


- Cargo Holds:       abt. 90,000 m³
- Heavy Fuel Oil:    abt.  2,400 m³
- Marine Diesel Oil: abt.    100 m³
- Fresh Water:       abt.    350 m³
- Water Ballast:     abt. 34,200 m³


- Main Engine:          MAN B&W 5S60ME-C7
- SMCR:                 8,833 kW x 105 r/min
- CSR (90%SMCR):        7,950 kW x 101.4 r/min m
- Fuel Oil Consumption: abt. 31.2 t/d (+5%)


- Diesel Generators:    3 x 560kW
- Emergency Generator:  1 x 100KW

MacGregor    NETZCH    海德威

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