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64,000 DWT Ultramax Bulk Carrier

The vessel to be designed and built as single screw motor driven bulk carrier for normal worldwide carring grain in bulk or sack, coal, iron ore, steel coil and other dry cargoes. No deck cargo to be loaded. The vessel can carry in bulk a cargo of Appendix A and C in compliance with the Code of Safe Practice for Solid Bulk Cargoes (IMSBC Code) and SOLARS 74. The vessel to have one complete flush upper deck with forecastle, raked stem with bulbous bow, transom stern and open water type of stern frame. All accommodation including navigation bridge and propusion machinery to be located aft. The cargo area to have five (5) cargo holds. Cargo holds to be constructed as single hull with topside tanks and hoppersoded double buttom.

- Length (o.a.):          199.90 m
- Length (b.p.):          194.50 m
- Breadth (mld.):          32.26 m
- Depth (mld.):            18.50 m
- Design draft (mld.):     11.30 m
- Scantling draft (mid.):  13.30 m
- Deadweight: (at scantling draft) abt. 63,800 t
- Endurance:        18,000 n.miles
- Service Speed: 14.4 knots (design draft, CSR with 15%S.M.)

COMPLEMENT:                   26P

- LR: +100A1 Bulk Carrier, CSR, BC-A, Hold No.2,4 may be empty, GRAB[20], ESP, ShipRight(CM, ACS(B)), LI, *IWS + LMC, UMS, with the descritive notes:ShipRight (SCM), BWMP(S+F)

CAPACITIES (100% full)
- Cargo hold (grain):       abt. 78,500 m³
- Heavy fuel oil tanks (including settling and service tanks)abt. 2,000 m³
- Diesel oil tank:          abt.    100 m³
- L.S. M.D.O. tank:         abt.     80 m³
- Fresh water tank:         abt.    350 m³
- Ballast water tank (excluding No.3 cargo hold) abt. 17,500 m³
- Ballast water tank (including No.3 cargo hold) abt. 33,300 m³


- No.1 hatch:               19.680 m x 18.260 m
- No.2~5 hatch:             22.960 m x 18.260 m

- Model:                    MAN-B&W 5S60ME-C8.2 (Tier II) 1 set
- SMCR:                     8050kW x 89r/min
- CSR(0.85 CMCR):           6842.5kW x 84.3r/min
- Main Electric Generator:  600kW x 450V x 60Hz x 3phase   3set
- Emergency Generator:      120kW x 450V x 60Hz x 3phase   1set

Fuel oil consumption
Main engine fuel oil consumption per day at CSR (6842.5 kW) and lower calorific value of 42,700 kJ/kg at ISO 3046-1 ambient reference condition: abt. 26.3 t/d

MacGregor    NETZCH    海德威

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