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  Huangpu-Wenchong Shipbuilding Search:
Huangpu Wenchong Shipbuilding Company Ltd was start from year 1851 with 160 years history. For ship newbuilding, she is focus on military vessels, special engineering vessels, bulk carrier, container feeder and dredgers construction.

From year 2016, Huangpu murged with Wenchong with three production area now.

Wenchong Production Ares, loated at Huangpu district, Guangzhou City. With area of 700,000m2, 1,500m of wharf water front length.

  • one shipway with building capacity of 25,000 dwt
  • one dry dock with building capacity of 25,000 dwt
  • one dry dock with building capacity of 70,000 dwt
  • one dry dock with building capacity of 150,000 dwt

Newbuilding products

  • Container ship from 1700-teu, 2200-teu, 2500-teu, up to 5600-teu
  • dredger
  • asphalt ship
  • heavy lift, multi-purpose vessels

Changzhou Production Area, located on Changzhou Island, in the southeastern part of Guangzhou city. It is occupied an area about 700,00m2, more than 3,000m of the wharf water front length and 900 meters wharf length, it own the largest indoor shipbuilding workshop in the south of China, one floating dock with lifting capacity 12,000 tons and it equipment with advanced shipbuilding facilities. It holds 30,000 dwt shipbuilding capacities.

Longxue Production Area, located in Longxue Island, Nansha district of Guangzhou. It covers an area of 1,180,000m2 with 3,500m length of the coastline and 1,800m length of wharf.

  • one dry dock 360m x 96m x 14.3m with 600 tons gantry crane, holds 100,000 dwt shipbuilding capacity.
  • one platform

Newbuilding products

  • Offshore and Support Vessel
  • Bulk Carrier
  • Semi-Submersible Heavy-lift Vessel
  • Multi-Purpose Vessel

Bulk Carrier
Ultramax Bulk Carrier
76,000DWT Panamax Bulk Carrier
Container Vessel
1,700TEU Container Vessel
2,200TEU Container Vessel
1,100TEU Container Feeder
2,500TEU Container Vessel
Offshore & Support Vessel
Multi-function subsea support vessel
Multi Offshore Support Vessel
Others Vessel
Multl - Purpose Vessel
50,000DWT Semi-Submersible Heavy Lift

China Shipbuilding, 2014